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Dream Heights

Faisal Movers Housing is pleased to introduce to you, its amazing new project, Dream Heights, a hi-rise duplex building comprising a mall, food court, offices, apartments and rooftop dining. With state of the art facilities, high-quality building finishes and ample accommodation for parking, day to day traffic of residents, visitors and owners, Dream Heights is your perfect solution for hi-rise living and business.

Wide building approach, dedicated entrances to the driveway and parking, dedicated lifts for residents and visitors, the latest in building management, high-end safety and surveillance, the best in digital connectivity, round the clock maintenance and services and much much more.

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Our country has an appetite like no other in the region, hence to cater to limited spaces while increasing occupancy Hi-Rise living is the need of this decade. All developing regions understand that to have the highest efficiency in our society we must maximise the utility of our resources. At Faisal Movers Housing, we believe that to be the right direction.

Instead of building a block of cement and bricks, developers must develop creatively and offer high-quality spaces to every occupant of a vertical structure. Dream Heights is going to become the landmark of the city, with which all others will be measured. A statement can be made using the right design, the right labour, the right materials and the right team, for us that statement is Dream Heights.

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Best Location in Town

Dream Heights is ideally located at Grand Commercial, Main Boulevard Dream Gardens Multan. Finding a better place for business and secure living is quite challenging, thankfully excellent town planning of Dream Gardens, all the amenities and necessities are at door step.